Ready to Read Michigan – Youth Literacy Program Value:

While reading this year’s Michigan Reads! Book – “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum” – out loud, the children were able to point out rhyming words, anticipate what would happen next and draw their own conclusions. I gave the children bubble gum to chew while they were listening to the story. We touched on some important rules.

MeL (Michigan eLibrary) Patron:

I greatly appreciate how MeL allows library patrons like me gain access to other collections across the state. Through MeL, I can request older books (economics, fiction, etc.) which would otherwise be unavailable at my local library. What a great way for libraries to maximize the use of their collections!

Public Librarian commenting on the Michigan Notable Books Author Tour:

The visit by Michigan Notable Books author Tom Stanton (“Terror in the City of Champions”) was a great success! We partnered with Bedford Public Schools and had about 70 in attendance. Stanton is an excellent speaker and so interesting. We received a lot of positive feedback and sold quite a few books. Thank you for including us in the Michigan Notable Books Author Tour. Years ago we had Tyree Guyton and it was a standing room only crowd. Both experiences were so positive.

Braille and Talking Books Library Patron:

BTBL enriches my life immeasurably, helping me access the same written information my sighted contemporaries, and take my place as an informed member of society. From the cassette and BARD collections I can select nonfiction books, and magazines about science, politics, and current events, so that I can better know what’s happening in the world and vote responsibly.  Plus, I can access the same fiction that my neighbors and friends enjoy, enabling me to interact on a cultural level.